The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City (BRTKC) is a not-for-profit organization designed to impact the Kansas City community. This production company will utilize theatre productions, internships, and scholarships to build programs that showcase the contributions made by minorities in our neighborhoods and communities. Each production will be tasked to give life to the neglected stories, virtually untold in American theatres. In an effort to bridge the gap between the rich realities of black experiences and the incomplete depiction displayed in most media outlets, BRTKC will tell the tales of the unsung.

BRTKC recognizes that only through shared experiences and true depictions can we come together as one strong community. Both the lack of stories told via minority perspectives and the presence of minorities in Kansas City theatre are what gave birth to this company. Theatre is often the home base for those who are frequently marginalized, yet for blacks this is hardly the case. Without these stories, theatre is incomplete – missing huge portions of truth. BRTKC knows that understanding comes from mutual experiences, and through these productions the entire community can appreciate and participate in the success and losses, happiness and sorrow, and fears and triumphs within black lives.

The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City equally focuses on education and the inclusion of black youths in theatre. BRTKC plans to take educational programs throughout the Kansas City Metro area schools – implementing scholarships, internships, and mentorships. BRTKC hopes to inspire students and youths by helping them to see all the choices and opportunities found within theatre and beyond.

Mission Statement: The mission of The Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City is two-fold: first, to give voice to neglected and new works of the African-American experience in the American Theatre Canon. Secondly, to engage youth of the urban core in the theatre arts and through mentorship, internship, and scholarship.

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A Soldier’s Play

A Soldier’s Play takes place at United States Army’s Fort Neal, Louisiana, in 1944 during the time when the military was racially segregated. Captain Richard Davenport, a rare black Army “officer”, has been sent to investigate a killing. Ultimately, Davenport discovers the killer was one of the black soldiers under Waters’ command.

Waters’ men hated him because Waters himself treated Southern black men with utter disdain and contempt. As Davenport interviews witnesses and suspects, he finds out the light-skinned Waters was highly intelligent and extremely ambitious and loathed black men who conformed to old-fashioned racist stereotypes. For that reason, Waters persecuted black soldiers like Private C.J. Memphis, whose broad grin and jive talk made Waters’ blood boil.

The play uses a murder mystery to explore the complicated feelings of anger and resentment that some African Americans have toward one another, and the ways in which many black Americans have absorbed white racist attitudes.

An evening of intrigue, and questions of race, class and soul searching is A Soldier’s Play.

DATES: September 14 thru October 8, 2017
LOCATION: The Arts Asylum, 1000 E. 9th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106
TICKETS: Click here