See Me, I’m Black

There was a time when, as immigrants, you would take pride in the differences your people added to the idea of what America stood for. As a descendant of slaves, I am proud to know the contributions made to the world as we know it – contributions made by people whose bodies were beaten but whose souls refused to be discounted. It’s our differences that keep us aware of how we all contribute to the “collective”.

All around the country, we enjoy enrichment festivals.  We take in the sights and sounds, tastes and artistry of one another’s cultures. This gives us a gateway into a world that is different than our own and should help us to build bridges of understanding between one other.

Thomas Edison, a Caucasian, invented the light bulb. Lewis Latimer, an African American, invented the filament to make the light bulb last longer than a day. What wonders are waiting at our fingertips when we celebrate our differences and place value on one another’s lives.

Thomas Edison
Lewis Latimer

Though celebrated for sports and music, we are a people who contribute to every facet of life today, from engineering to mathematics to science to architecture…and the list goes on.

I am different than you, even though our color may be the same, or our gender, but you have the ability to see me. See Me, I’m Black, and help me unlock the potential of the best me I can be – for myself, for my community, for my world!!

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